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Briggs & Riley: Smart. Savvy. Stylish.

Briggs & Riley has produced premium-class luggage since 2006, and they’ve expanded their market to 27 countries in just 10 short years. Headed by CEO Richard Krulik, the designers at Briggs & Riley believe functionality should come first when creating a suitcase, and they’ve made this philosophy a cornerstone of the brand.

Briggs & Riley

Although Briggs & Riley produces some of the most attractive suitcases on the market, they’re designed with the consumers’ needs in mind. The brand’s designers identify the needs of their customer then make their findings priority when designing new suitcases. This need-over-design practice makes Briggs & Riley suitcases the most functional on the market, bringing innovation and design together into one nearly flawless product.

  • CX™ Technology

    Never run out of space in your luggage again, thanks to Briggs & Riley’s space-saving CX™ Technology, which helps you pack smarter.

  • Outsider® Handle

    Many suitcases features telescoping Outsider Handles, which provide a flat interior surface for packing to maximize your space and reduce damage to the suitcase’s content.

  • SpeedThru™ Pocket

    Store items quickly at your airports security checkpoints with Briggs & Riley’s unique SpeedThru Pocket, allowing you to minimize the amount of time you spend at the security gates.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Briggs & Riley boasts a unique “Simple As That” lifetime warranty, which covers any damage done to their products, including damage from airlines or travel accidents

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Briggs & Riley Story

When the first wheeled luggage was introduced to the travel scene by U.S. Luggage LLC in 1970, travelers around the world rejoiced. In 2006, U.S. Luggage LLC decided to sponsor a newcomer to the premium-class luggage scene, a brand known today as one of the greatest purveyors of fine suitcases in the world today: Briggs & Riley.

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